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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?  As you browse the site you can add poster sets to your basket using the 'Add to cart' button.  This should open another window that shows details of your order.  When you are finished click 'Proceed to Checkout' from your basket page. 

I don't have a PayPal account, how can I pay?  If you have a debit or credit card you can checkout using PayPal without having an account.

I don't want to use my card over the internet, is there another way I can pay?  If you prefer to pay by cheque or postal order (payment in UK pounds ONLY) please contact me with details of your order and I will send you details of where to post your payment to.

How will I get the posters?  Once you have completed checkout you should be redirected to another page with links to download the posters - if you have a popup blocker this may stop the download page appearing.  The best way to download the posters is to right click on the link and select 'save target'.  This will save the file to your computer rather than opening the file directly across the internet.

What format are the posters?  The posters come as Microsoft word or adobe pdf files.  Some poster sets contain more than one file - these are zipped into a folder.  You may need to download WinZip to open these folders.

How soon should I receive my posters?  If you order separate poster sets you should be redirected immediately following payment.

I haven't received my posters - help!  Sometimes, because of settings on a pc, people are not redirected to the page to download the posters.   Link emails sometimes do not arrive or are put into junk folders - Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo are notorious for this!  If you do not have your posters within a few hours of payment please email me.  I can send the links again or send the files as attachments.

I ordered the special offer or collection and haven't received my posters.  When you order the special order, or the collections, I have to email the links manually.  Depending on when I am online this may mean it takes a longer for the emails to arrive, especially on weekends when I try to take some time off work.  I nearly always manage to send out links within 24 hours so please be patient if your posters take a little while longer to arrive. 

I bought some pdf files but they will not open, what can I do? You will need adobe reader to open the files in pdf format.  It is free to download from www.adobe.com  If you have an older version of adobe reader you may need to download the latest version to open some files.

I've spotted a mistake on one of the posters! If you spot a mistake on any of the posters please email me to let me know and I will correct it and upload the corrected version.  I will also send you a copy of the corrected posters.

I ordered more than one copy of the posters by accident, what can I do? I try to check all of the orders for duplicate purchases but sometimes miss one.  If you find you ordered the same set of posters twice just send me an email.  I can either send you a refund through PayPal or, if there is another set of posters you would like, I can send you a link to download a different set of posters.

Why can I only download the file 5 times?  I need to open the file more often than that!   E-junkie (who host my files and send out the download links) puts a 5 times download limit on each link to prevent people circulating the links over the internet.  However, when you download the file you can save it, as you would any other document.  This allows you to open the file as often as you like, you can also put it on a disc / pen drive and put it onto another computer.

Why are some of your files free or cheaper than others?  I have priced the files according to the level of detail included in the sets, and the time it takes me to make them.  I am building up my collection of free sets so people have a choice whether to download a basic free set (e.g. just vocabulary) or buy a more detailed set of posters (containing much more information).

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