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There are thousands of WebPages out there for teachers.  However, during my teaching career, and from browsing the TES forums, I have found some amazing sites.  Here are a few of my favourites! 


Cost Cutters Great collection of school supplies.
Do you have your own resources you would like to offer either for free or for sale?  If so you might want to take a look at Teacher's Marketplace.
Browse hundreds of free and buyable downloadable resources directly from the teachers who made them, or create an account and sell your own!
The site does support sales from teachers WORLDWIDE - if you have problems you can email them and they are happy to help you set up your account.
http://schoollibrarydisplays.blogspot.com/ Brilliant website/blog created by a Librarian in the USA.  Has some lovely ideas for displays based around books and reading.
You can also share your own display ideas on the site.
webcam to gif
Webcam to gif
A great Child Minding Forum where people can share information, advice and useful websites offering free resources.
TES Connect

Resources from TES
The online area for the Times Educational Supplement in the UK. 
Access to great support and information on the forums and a huge collection of downloadable lesson plans, worksheets, presentations and many other resources.
Teachers share their own work, saving everyone much needed time.
Also has a very popular jobs area for people looking for work in the UK and overseas
Teachers share their own work, saving everyone much needed time.
Wordle - A great website where you, or your students, can put in words related to any topic, then have wordle create an image for you that can be printed out or posted online.  Play with colours, fonts and directions to create your own wordles or browse the ones already there.

PublicDomainPictures.net A great collection of royalty free photographs, on a whole range of different themes.  All of the photos are in the public domain so you can download and use them for free. 
http://stepbystepcc.com Step by step is a great site which has a wide range of resources and ideas for younger children.  Their theme pages include songs, books, poems and activities ideas - really useful!

Has a collection of educational songs and raps for different subjects.  There is a free resources area with quite a few free songs including volume of 3D shapes, Characters, Setting and Plot, Circulatory System, Countries of Africa, Punctuation, Fractions and Decimals, Parts of Speech, The Water Cycle and more!   I especially liked the figurative language rap.

Great website with lots of links neatly catagorised by subject and topic.  Very handy!

long banner-style Clipart Animals button

Huge collection of free clipart images for teachers and schools, from Florida Center for Instructional Technology.  Has animals, plants, illuminated letters, history, people, maths and much more!  Images are black and white - great for making worksheets.

GLS Educational Supplies, have just about everything you might need for your classroom!

Primary Teacher UK

Learning to Speak English Great site for those teaching English as a second language, or those learning English for themselves.  Lots of different sections with commonly used English phrases, how to use words, strange English language features and more.

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