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Free Number Banner
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Free Maths Posters and other resources
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Free ratio posters for ks2 primary classrooms FREE ratio posters
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Roman Numerals display set.  Includes What are Roman Numerals, Rules for Roman Numerals and numbers 1-20, multiples of 10 - 100, 500 and 1000 in Roman Numerals.

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Printable Banner
90 general Maths vocabulary terms with definitions.  In  pdf format so you can print smaller using the print settings if needed.
Create an instant Maths display to encourage your children to think about Maths and problem solving.  21 questions.

Free 1-20 Number line on Hot Air Balloons

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Skip counting posters frog counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and hands in 5s
Each set also has blank cards so you can miss out numbers or use blank lines for children to add the numbers themselves.

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   Free Maths Loop Cards

x6789     x1234510   subtraction30   addition30

Free PowerPoint Presentation on Co-ordinates

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Free numbers in words and digits cards for display.
Welsh Language
Free Flower Number Bonds printables.  Match the numbers of coloured petals to make 10
Free 1-20 number line on Flowers

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Fractions, decimals and percentages posters to print

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Fractions Posters

Price 2.00    English
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Free Collection of 100 squares

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Free Matching English money resource
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Free Role Play Area Price Cards - toy shop, flower shop, healthy cafe and bakery

free Number line  on T-Shirts

0-20, 20-100 in tens and 100-1000 in hundreds
21 - 29 
Negative Numbers
Free mathematical language posters.  Has symbols and different terms for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more
Free Numbers to 20 toy themed printable posters

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Free Place Value Strip

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N.B The Billions card was added for US classrooms

Themed place value strips - Race Cars and Footballers

Values go from millions to thousandths.
Can be printed smaller using pdf print settings.
Free space themed Numbers to 20 on Planets

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Prime numbers printable posters
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Free printable simple numbers posters with number and appropriate number of items
Free Problem Solving PowerPoint Presentation
(created for a Y6 class)

Problem solving steps posters
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Free snowman number line posters. 0-20 plus a blank snowman.
Free Numberline to 20 on Snowflakes
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Numbers to 1000 Download
Free times tables posters

Has tables in two formats - please delete the pages you don't need!

Welsh Language Download
Free Times tables bowling display.
Tables 1x to 10x on bowling pins.  Could be arranged so children can write their names on the pins and work towards getting a strike.
Download Facts
Free printable times tables award certificates.  One certificate for each of the tables from 2 - 12 plus a general certificate.  Set to print full page but could be printed two per page using pdf print settings

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Free Number Maths Mat
Includes vocabulary, hundred square and timestables square.  Also includes a black and white version of the mat.


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