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  Editable kite display, synonyms, matching letters etc

Editable kites display.  The word art can be altered on both the kites and the bows.
Ideas for use:
Synonyms - create your own synonyms on the bows to decorate the kite tail.
Letters - Have a letter of the alphabet for each kite, add words begining with the letter to the bows.
Authors - Name of author on kite and books on bows
Words associated with e.g. Pets on kite, names of pets on bows
Maths - total on kite, sums that equal the total on bows

Rules for plurals downloadable posters

How to end different types of writing posters
  The Writing Process
Set of 12 simple posters to help guide students through the writing process.  Includes:  title, plan, compose, revise, edit, publish, evaluate, RAFT title page, Reason, Audience, Format, Tone.

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  Nouns Printable Posters.  4 nouns for each letter of the alphabet.

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  Verbs Printable Posters.  87 common verbs with illustrations.

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  Adjectives Printable Posters.  87 common adjectives with illustrations.  Help your students expand their vocabulary.

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Adventurous words - Adverbs printable posters
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Time Connectives Printable Posters

 Alliteration Posters
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Synonyms for different feelings posters to download
  Literacy Key Word Wall Bricks.  Key words for YR-2 and KS2 medium frequency words.
YR        Y1
Y2        KS2 words

Free Alphabet Frieze
Animal Alphabet printable Frieze.

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Free Alphabet Friezes - one with photographic images, other with clipart images.  Can be printed smaller to create Alphabet Flashcards.
Sassoon Font.
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Free Antonyms display posters

Spelling Strategies cue cards
  Antonyms Cards for display or matching.
Set of 30 pairs of antonyms (60 half A4 cards) Can be shown as a display or used to play a matching game.
 Includes more difficult antonyms for higher ability/age groups e.g. condemn/praise, simple/complicated, humble/proud.  Also includes blank coloured cards for children to make their own antonym pairs.

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Printable connectives list, organised into colour coded groups by type

Connectives Word Mat

Printable Punctuation Clothesline

What makes a good writer pencils display
  Printable Literacy Teaching Resource
Homophones A-Z.  Set of posters that give two homophones for each letter of the alphabet.  Could be displayed as a set or the cards could be cut out, laminated and used as a homophones matching game.  Each homophone is illustrated and used in a sentence.

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  Literacy Display - Complex Sentences
26 posters that explain clauses and complex sentences along with examples on how to turn simple sentences into complex sentences.
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  Types of sentences free poster download Simple poster showing three types of sentence.
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Printable Idioms examples for Display

Printable Metaphors Posters
Synonyms for Looked Free Posters

Examples of Onomatopoeia Posters
    Contractions Cards
31 green 'starter' cards, 10 purple 'end' cards and 7 rainbow contractions cards.  Children can pair up green and purple cards and decide on the contraction or can layer the rainbow cards over the green cards to create contractions. 
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