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  Free Paragraphs Printable Posters
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  Free printable TiPToP Paragraphs reminder poster, when to start a new paragraph - Time, Place, Topic and Person Free TiPToP paragraphs reminder poster.

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  Free colourful cursive alphabet posters.  These posters were created using the font from www.cursivewriting.org
I highly recommend their fonts for creating your own worksheets etc. their packages include dotted, lined and full fonts and are very easy to use.
  Free prepositions cards.  16 card showing positional prepositions, includes picture and sentence for each.
Free Literacy Posters - Click images to download
Parts of Speech Free Display Posters

Free nouns display posters.

  Personification examples and poem display

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  KS2 Literacy Teaching Resource.
Set of 14 posters that look at what speech marks are, how and why we use them, and things to remember when using speech marks - punctuation, capital letters etc.

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Three personification poems and 4 worksheets showing examples of personification - identify the object and explain the sentence or the characteristics being applied to the personified object.  Followed by a write your own Season Personification poem with example.
Capital Letters and when to use them cards.  Shows 16 illustrated examples of where capital letters should be used.

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Examples of Palindromes posters

Look and Say and Cover and Write and Check posters (LaSaCaWaC)

Free Punctuation Posters and Mat
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Story Settings posters
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Silly Sentence Cards
30 object nouns, verbs, adjectives and people/animal nouns which can be used to make sentences.

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Once upon a time... heading.
Also available in Sassoon font
Free Simile Cards center, match simile starters to ends.  Multiple endings to some starters.

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Literacy Teaching Resource
Similes Printable Posters
Set of 13 posters that explain what similes are, how we write them using AS or LIKE, why we use similes, how to improve similes, ironic or funny similes and multiple meaning similes.  Fits in well with the free simile worksheets below.
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  7 Free Similes Worksheets for KS2 Literacy.  Includes making ironic/funny similes, improving similes and simple simile forms.

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Super Similes Printable Posters

Super Sentences Posters
Examples of ways to start a story
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Synonyms charts, includes synonyms for Small, Big, Horrible, Nice, Cold and Hot

Synonyms for Said Free Posters

Feelings Phrases  Posters
  Free printable Synonyms for Said poem showing 56 said synonyms
The differences between Too, To and Two

Using Mnemonics to remember tricky spellings
Synonyms for walk poem and cards

5 writing headings
  Synonyms for walked on coloured feet.  Includes blank feet to add your own synonyms.
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Writing Targets Display

Phrases to describe the Forest
Literacy Lettering:
Book Corner (sea life)
Fantasy Worlds

Minstrel and the Dragon Pup
Once Upon a Time
Under the Sea

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